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This course will teach students about safe handling of the patients and also assist in physiotherapy. The appropriate categorization, proper disposal of the biomedical waste and the use of PPE will be taught. This course will teach the students to master various bowel evacuation techniques and appropriate sampling. The students will be taught to understand bedsores and prepare them in assisting minor dressings. It will also teach the students to set dressing trolley for various dressings. The students will be trained in handling various ICU equipment and perform ECG. The course will impart student knowledge regarding various hospital protocols and code of conduct. The student will also be able to follow aseptic practice so as to reduce hospital based infections.


  • Patient Care Executive
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Ward Manager
  • Hospital Administrator

Earn while you learn and pay your fees from Hand Some Stipend Earned during Practical Training


Duration: 3 YEARS | Eligibility: 12th SCIENCE/COMMERCE/ARTS

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